Eike Michaela Jordan

Eike Michaela Jordan

Meet Eike Michaela

Born and raised in Germany near Hannover, I came in 2006 to Canada and fell immediately in love with Vancouver Island.

I had my entire life long a great passion for healing which was initiated by my own health problems as a child. I suffered from such serious nephritis that I was scheduled for dialysis and only then my parents decided to try a “witch doctor” which was back then the highly reputable Dr. med. Bruker ( 1909-2001 ). He instantly changed my nutrition and switched to alternative medicine and homeopathy and saved my life. My kidneys regained and maintained to date full function. Further I suffered from a severe scoliosis and through the great team work of massage, physio and chiropractic professionals my spine turned into an upright high performance part of my body and I was able to become a competitive athlete.

Parental genetics aren’t the best in our family and I decided to break the streak of that imprint by actively changing not only my nutrition and physical activities but as well in researching, learning and applying methods of healing to my own body to proof their beneficial effects.

Health is my Passion – this has been my striving, my passion, and my happiness my entire life long.

I love studying and researching and find that there is simply no limit and all of it is interconnected. I totally understand when colleagues and patients state that it is difficult to find the time and financial resources to be able to get a chance to look into all the various areas affecting and influencing our being.

After finishing high school I decided to first study in Germany Massage, Balneo-, Electro-, and Low Intensity Laser Therapy, Foot Reflexology, Medical Foot Care ( turned into Podiatry ). I became manager of Physiotherapy in our Rehab Hospital, and added specialties to my repertoire such as Rheumatology, Respiratory Therapy, Permanent Disabilities. Plant based therapies ( Phyto-Chemistry is really fascinating ), Homeopathy, Constitutional Medicine, Iridology, Biofeedback, Neurofeedback, Darkfield Microscopy, and Clinical Hypnotherapy, Hyperthermia Therapy, Oxygen and Ozone Therapy, Cryotherapy, Nutrition Counselling, Esthetic Lasers, Microcurrent Therapy, etc… are some more of my many studies and certificates.

Key essential is that I found out that our human body has different parts and layers. The three main components are our physical, emotional and our energetic body. If any of the three are in imbalance it affects the other parts as well. 

I am co-author of two #1 Amazon Bestseller books that I co-authored together with Dr. Joe Dispenza, Dr. Bruce Lipton and other amazing practitioners:'Wake Up The Happy Brain' and 'Wake Up Miracles of Healing'. Further books are in the make. We will as well soon publish the '3D-Healing Guidebook'.

My partner Detlef Joe Friede and I are very proud to have found an incredibly effective way and approach to heal within every dimension of our being and we name it 3-D-Healing.

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