Glenn Jones

Glenn Jones

Meet Glenn

Hi there, I'm Glenn Jones

I'm a therapist with now 5 years of experience and eager to learn from the best. Organizing this summit gave me the opportunity to talk with the worlds best experts on hypnosis & NLP. 

As it's my mission to help as many people as possible to overcome their mental issues (and physical issues from a mental source) and live an amazing life, it's great you're joining me in this lifetime journey to become the best therapists we possibly can be.

As your host for Hypno Summit, I love to guide you throughout this exciting journey in the world of hypnosis and NLP.

glenn jones

Glenn's presentation(s)

3 anti-anxiety tools from Melissa Tiers to empower clients at home by Glenn Jones
  • 3 tools you can offer clients to reduce anxiety at home
  • Practical excercise: learn to use it on yourself
  • The science behind it
5 misconceptions about hypnosis that might kill your results by Glenn Jones
  • Understanding 5 main misconceptions about hypnosis
  • How they can be the reason therapy fails
  • How to solve it